My little Ninja 

Noah has earned his “silver & gold blocks” on his white belt.  Last will be to earn the “black block” before he promotes up to a white belt with a single yellow stripe through it..

I’m proud of his discipline and dedication (not that he has a choice- mommy does not play!) but he’s been committed to not giving me a hard time about going twice a week very early and at the end of long homeschool days.

….next I must consider sending him to school for the 2nd grade. I love my time with him, but know I am not as challenging and could possibly be holding him back.  Which schools would be a good fit for his needs, my time and our family budget? 

Sometimes, I love being…

a Mommy. 

I mean, I really LOVE being a Mommy and can feel it’s meaning.  Other times, I feel more like a worker-bee for three very different ungrateful little people…

This afternoon was one of my LOVE days. After my morning rush of home tours, we took our day to Piedmont Park. Someone (ok, it was me) had the great idea to bring bikes, forgetting the number of hills we’d encounter and I was the only one NOT on a bike (it did help me reach my 10k steps) AND that it was still 80 sunny degrees, but we stumbled on this adorable tiny shed/house-to which my 6yr old quickly said “I will make you one mommy. That’s something you would like…”  then he road off.  

This small gesture of recognizing my appreciation for the shed was awesome and just what I needed…

West End Merchants Coalition

Meet and Greet – March 31, 2016 / 6-8PMThursday, January 28th at 7:30 AM

Dog pile on mommy…

Moments like these make my fixer upper feel so good & warm even when it’s 28 degrees outside! #creating #memories   

I’m upset!!

Why can’t contractors ever do right? Why can’t projects move smoothly along until completion? I don’t understand why so much drama- it seems very simple when the process is written. WRITTEN, that is my mistake I should always have things put in writing!

So now I’m working with a contract who gave me one price in the beginning but that price has changed because the project is more than he thought?? WHAT? Really? Now I  don’t want to work with him at all. I will NOT have someone change the price midway. So I cut my nose -and leave the project half-finished.  My husband will just have to download some “do it yourself” videos and finish the job.  I guess I will not have a bathroom in 2weeks. *tears*

If you see my hair falling out…

it’s because I have been living without a master bathroom and WITH all the dust and dirt from drywall being torn down.

Now the biggest thorn in my side is finding floor tile for a good price. Why does it seem everyone else in the world can renovate on a “shoe string” budget and find AMAZING deals- except me?  Every time I visit a  freshly renovated bathroom they always say “this tile was “ONLY xyz- totaling under $200!”… here I am looking for black/white hex floor tile and seem to can’t find anything less than $60 for a box of 10 which is only 9sq ft… I need 80sq ft! I was considering settling for something cheaper but I will only be able to renovate my bathrooms ONCE- maybe twice (when my kids move out) and I can’t afford to buy one that will not fully meet my vision. I can’t settle- even if it means Starbucks is kicked to the curb and I probably need to drop the “hot spots” option on my cell.

I have less than 3wks until family come and it would be great to have this all put together. Take a look at the video of our progress- do you think we can pull it together in time?

What’s left? This week, drywall will be completed, electrical added and moved ….oh and I STILL need to purchase FLOOR TILE!!  which all seem to be “special order” … this is soooo frustrating..