The other day, on my way to the kitchen I passed through this little four-way hall intersection (which really is wasted space for now because the only thing there is the thermostat and a chair)..the transition space felt so ‘blah’ and the flat white walls are extremely dirty …I know, a can of paint could really transform this area but once again, I have some unfinished drywall on one of the walls so I don’t think I should do anything yet.  I decided to let my girls ‘go to town’ and just get creative on the dirtiest wall. We loaded a few paper plates with paint and here is the product of their hard work….and a great two hours of me being left alone! lol

I did come up with a great idea for the area… after we complete the drywall on the other side and we’re ready to repaint, we will paint this wall with the black Chalk Board paint, they can continue and change their work…on the other side, we’ll build shelves for all the art supplies (now currently stored in bags in the closet) This will become their art studio.  It’s a great solution, I will not have to worry about them spilling paint on my diningroom table, the space is big enough for the two of them- a desk- they’ll have an erasable canvas and not waste so much paper- and finally this transitional space will not feel like a waste.