remember Fulton Street?

DWELL reviewed  a new book “Street Value”    , I wil have to get this. I get most items about Brooklyn- my other love. I would never have left if I didn’t have a baby and knew I would never be able to afford to buy my other love, a Brownstone. (which NOW seems so much in reach since the housing bust)

Brooklyn is finally getting the deserved attention…I dont know how I feel about it. I’m like- you didn’t like us before, you had no vision of how great it was and what a little hard work of those wanting to live the high life in the city could have brought to the table if only given a chance…. NOW you want to come over here and snatch up all the property, redevelop and outprice the faithful residence that grow up in the borough. NOW you want to come and make changes to historical structures to replicate what you could not afford in the city. NOW you want to come here AFTER others paved the way and it’s now FEELS safe enough.  /Rant

I’m always a bit annoyed with gentrification. And no, not annoyed about the people moving in or the changes that occur but I am always annoyed with scary people who only want to come into a neighborhood once it’s considered the “cool” place to be. I’m annoyed with the non-pioneers of the world. Annoyed with the followers, those that come AFTER the pioneers do all the work.