Week 4 of exasperation. It’s been one of those “WHY DO I WORK IN REAL ESTATE?”,  months.  I’ve had a horrible appraisal, buyers with unrealistic expectations, sellers looking to sell for more than the market can bear, I’ve lost out on bids and have overall taken an emotional beaten…not to mention being up all night long to take care of a 2month old baby. I’m worn out and praying for a bit of a break through before I ring someones neck!…oh but WAIT! Now it’s raining- so you know what this means for my roof.  *sigh* To top it off, I’m losing my ‘in a tree house’ feel now that all the leaves are falling from the trees that surround my house.

Real Estate, especially in the neighborhood I work in, has always had it’s ‘ups and downs’… right now the downs’ are  items I can not control and it’s driving me crazy! If it were that I only had the challenge of finding a buyer…or house…these are things I can deal with. I can WORK and hustle to search for the match..but my challenges are coming from events I can not do anything about.  I believe God is trying to tackle my dependency issue.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the winter will bring, in additional to cool-clean- air. This will be our first winter in this house. We survived the summer months and the AC did a great job in keeping us cool without blowing our budget in raising the electric bill.  I’m sure we will not have such good luck with heating-since the downstairs is heated with GAS. *faint*… lol…  Dont get me wrong, I love gas- cooking and heating…just don’t love the price per therm I usually have. And why does it still feel cold at 68degrees?  We can usually stick it out and deal with space heaters, dress in layers etc. but I don’t know-now with the baby-we’ve needed to turn it on sooner than we normally do(which is usually by Thanksgiving). His  hands were so cold the other day- I don’t think I should subject him to wearing mittens just yet lol.. I’ll wait at least until he’s 3 months..lol..

I decided, in my spear time, to make a scrap-book for the plans I want to implement in renovating the house. Since I have such a hard time sticking to the plans I have in my head, I figure on paper I can’t NOT stick to it. So this week  I will begin sorting through my old House Beautiful magazines and Room/Board catalog to begin sorting out my vision.  Now only if I can get over my Real Estate challenges to begin bringing the vision to life.  We shall see… either way, I must begin doing SOMETHING, since I am hosting the  Thanksgiving dinner this year.