Yesterday was really nice. I spent the day at my mother’s house with my sisters playing monopoly and getting my butt kicked lol..My brother made it over with his girlfriend as well. I’m sure it was a wonderful feeling for my parents to have all their children in 1 room.. Made me wonder about when my kids grow up- and I felt a bit of sadness with that thought. I LOVE our family and the stage of life we’re in right now. I made a promise to myself not to rush this, and to take time to enjoy the moments-even when Noah is screaming or peeing on me-lol…  I have a new, or RENEWED, appreciation for life-MY LIFE.  Also, right now my house is nice and warm- ode to me jacking up the heat to 69degrees lol- wow- I know, I know.. I does not sound like a lot but when you live in these old bungalows- any bit is better than nothing especially when it’s raining outside. you will not see me in the cold on this  Black Friday

oh..also got a new listing this week  in the Historic West End- a 6bed/ 3.5bath home with a Recording Studio- nearly 3000sqft of living space on a quiet street. List price $204K- pics on

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