…usually around this time I’ve had several joggers, dog walkers, Seniors (heading to the market) and kids to school… I MUST add a window bench.  Corner properties have always been my favorite.

The girls and I are preparing to do a major Spring cleaning- (isn’t this usually done the first week of April)?  While taking down our winter snow flakes we were disgusted by all the dirt on the inside of the windows.  I was also able to take survey of just how bad they are… they’re pretty bad and I’m afraid restoring them will cost more than I can pay…better start 1 at a time. All are missing the inside sash(either missing or popped inside the window)- on others, the wood is rotten, or the glass insert is not the original wavy glass(some aren’t the correct size.I can see caulk was added to seal and cover the gaps)- just another project for the list.

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