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My little Ninja 

Noah has earned his “silver & gold blocks” on his white belt.  Last will be to earn the “black block” before he promotes up to a white belt with a single yellow stripe through it..

I’m proud of his discipline and dedication (not that he has a choice- mommy does not play!) but he’s been committed to not giving me a hard time about going twice a week very early and at the end of long homeschool days.

….next I must consider sending him to school for the 2nd grade. I love my time with him, but know I am not as challenging and could possibly be holding him back.  Which schools would be a good fit for his needs, my time and our family budget? 

Sometimes, I love being…

a Mommy. 

I mean, I really LOVE being a Mommy and can feel it’s meaning.  Other times, I feel more like a worker-bee for three very different ungrateful little people…

This afternoon was one of my LOVE days. After my morning rush of home tours, we took our day to Piedmont Park. Someone (ok, it was me) had the great idea to bring bikes, forgetting the number of hills we’d encounter and I was the only one NOT on a bike (it did help me reach my 10k steps) AND that it was still 80 sunny degrees, but we stumbled on this adorable tiny shed/house-to which my 6yr old quickly said “I will make you one mommy. That’s something you would like…”  then he road off.  

This small gesture of recognizing my appreciation for the shed was awesome and just what I needed…

West End Merchants Coalition

Meet and Greet – March 31, 2016 / 6-8PMThursday, January 28th at 7:30 AM

Dog pile on mommy…

Moments like these make my fixer upper feel so good & warm even when it’s 28 degrees outside! #creating #memories   

It’s a Boy!!

..and we’re finally home. Baby Knowles (Noah) was born Sept 7th at 12:14PM.

And as promised, Daddy Knowles (Reggie) had the nasty carpet pulled up off the stairs and out of the house before we came home….

Now that I’m not carrying a  person- lol-  I’m really looking forward to completing  some renovations.

A must have for Brooklyn transplants…

remember Fulton Street?

DWELL reviewed  a new book “Street Value”    , I wil have to get this. I get most items about Brooklyn- my other love. I would never have left if I didn’t have a baby and knew I would never be able to afford to buy my other love, a Brownstone. (which NOW seems so much in reach since the housing bust)

Brooklyn is finally getting the deserved attention…I dont know how I feel about it. I’m like- you didn’t like us before, you had no vision of how great it was and what a little hard work of those wanting to live the high life in the city could have brought to the table if only given a chance…. NOW you want to come over here and snatch up all the property, redevelop and outprice the faithful residence that grow up in the borough. NOW you want to come and make changes to historical structures to replicate what you could not afford in the city. NOW you want to come here AFTER others paved the way and it’s now FEELS safe enough.  /Rant

I’m always a bit annoyed with gentrification. And no, not annoyed about the people moving in or the changes that occur but I am always annoyed with scary people who only want to come into a neighborhood once it’s considered the “cool” place to be. I’m annoyed with the non-pioneers of the world. Annoyed with the followers, those that come AFTER the pioneers do all the work.



I constantly have bugs on my porch ceiling. …was just told its because its not painted blue. I was thinking the same but also recall bugs at my other houses which was painted. Maybe its a particular ‘bug blue’. ..LOL either way this too is on my list.

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A paint job


Would really make this house pop! Color would be my issue. Since I’ve decided to do a bit modern inside, I guess it should also be outside…but the gray tone that comes to mind is almost as blah as this dirty brown….maybe color can come in the trim?  What about a gray and blue combo…or gray and purple?

You know, now is the time to pick up great garden items from walmart. Most are in clearance. If I decide on a paint color for next year,I can pick up some flower pots now.

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Cool enough for CJ and I to enjoy the front porch. I’m trying really hard to over look the much needed work /repair….it will come in time,and I’ll appreciate it more.

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