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The mantel

Taking down our holiday decor! I really like how large our fireplace is, but I want to spruce it up are a few that caught my eye. Mine is brick I’m not sure if that’s original but I don’t think so. I wish I could find originally pictures of  this home of how it was BEFORE crappy investors started to messed with it but I could imagine it having a very nice wooden mantel and mirror.  A neighbor has restored his and had a custom solid wood frame/mantel made ….

HERE is a site with a few inspiration pictures..

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Pretty as a picture..


One of the neighboring homes to my mothers in NW Atlanta…my dog would have a ball running up and down the hill…I on the other hand, wouldn’t. I don’t like a lot of trees near my house. The setting was so serene and dreamy, I had to back up to take a piece of it with me…

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Photo Inspirations..

Today’s photos not only inspired me- they have lengthened my “to buy” and “to do” list-lol. I’m not on a mission for a solid Danish diningroom set, Eames wall coat rack (which I have one on “Watch”  on Ebay) and more amazing chairs… oh, did I not tell you? I LOVE chairs…see pic below and you will see why.

I love the color on the walls of this room and the Danish Dining set in the background..and don’t the green chairs look comfortably like you can just sink down into them (not sure how you’ll get back up) lol

I like the look of these stairs painted black- I was considering repainting mines white-but maybe I should try out some colors first..might as well step out of the box, the house is already not in it’s original state nor do I have the time and money to “restore”-so we’re on the road to renovation with a funky twist..

My chair

Inspiration photos

I’ve been scrap booking for each of the rooms in my house-collecting pictures and ideas of how I would like rooms to be AFTER repair, item purchase and put together.. here are a few of the online photo inspiration/ ideas I found this today..

I would love to paint Noah’s room- the little room upstairs this color and decorate in this minimalist theme..however he’s not in the room now so no crib is necessary but I do have this shell chair on “watch” in my Ebay list!  Right now, this room is slated to be another “den” where we keep all Noah’s toys, a nice TV for kids movie nights and a comfy rug-since we have a dog our home is void “comfy” rugs- we have a lot of sisal and “HARD itchy” rugs (as my daughters like to point out)

My sister and  I have been crocheting but  this year she jumped to knitting. So now I’ m learning to knit and I think this should be my first project!!  With the right yarn, this could be really nice rugs for the side of your bed.  Even though the picture below is of a recycled sweater…I think it should be fairly easy to knit.