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Front Yard Idea Book…

The warm weather has me thinking about my landscaping sooner than I intended to… I have NO curb appeal and seriously need to start something simple to change this.
I recently borrowed the book ” Front Yard Idea Book” by Jeni Webber. It had many simple projects, tips and info on entries,gardens,ground cover,driveways etc

“Take cues from your architecture….”

I found this section to be really interesting since I just thought I’d go to the garden center and grab any low maintenance plant I liked but, this section has me reconsidering that. I didn’t know there were certain garden “norms” based on your style home.
Here’s a quick list for homes in my community:
Picket fences-all styles and colors
Geometric beds with a profusion of plans
Little or no laws
Mix of flowers,herbs, and vegetables
Often electric or personalized style
Painted wood or wrought iron garden furniture

Usually symmetric plantings
Colorful bedding schemes and window boxes
Elaborate details in house, fences, arbors and gazebos
Wrought iron garden furniture

Cape Cod
Usually symmetric planting
Small lawn
Naturally weathered or painted wooden garden furniture
Stone walls and paths

Craftsman Bungalow
Symmetric or asymmetric plantings depends on house design
Layered naturalistic plantings
Small lawn
Detailed hardscaping often with a mix of brick wood,and stone
Wooden garden furniture with simple lines
Front porches and terraces

I’m not sure I will take everything word for word but atleast this gives me some direction to start..

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Wainscot Beadboard

Found this site for inspiration, products and How-To’s : Vintage Woodworks

Guest bathroom…

Was wondering if guest bathrooms needed double sinks?
I took a break today to stroll through Ikea and grab ideas for my bathroom make over…it would seem that a guest bathroom should have more counter space other than double sinks but before I commit to this I snapped a few pictures of sinks that could work for me…
I must say, while cute-I found these sinks to be on the high side. This is certainly a splurge getting both sink top and base, unless found in the “as is” area..


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