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Why is it so hard to pull the trigger on 1 idea?

…JUST one?

I have been wrestling with the renovation of my home for 1 year now!! -What has been accomplished?-…Much of what you can’t see-and what you can looks(IS) half-finished. 

I think I am overloaded with information.  As a Real Estate agent, I’m constantly viewing home- DAILY-HOURLY- either in the field,on TV or in magazines. I see tons of “great ideas” and beautiful materials(like this LEATHER floor tile!-OMG). I have tons of online bookmarks,physical books, torn out magazine pages , and scrap books filled with bathroom, kitchen-home decor i.e. tiling, paint swatches, flooring material, counter tops …some “Green” renovation ideas, others very Lux… and I think I really need to get back to basics and find “What is right for MY family?”

Can we begin with paint?  Initially I was looking to go very Historic, craftsman color….I’m in a Bungalow-Craftsman home, right? So common sense, ‘do Historic’…? But really, that’s not me. LOVE the look in neighboring homes but I was not feeling the vibes AFTER I bought the paint (I wish my vibes would kick in BEFORE I carry heavy items!)  Then,  I considered going a bit more on the artistic side- color-color-color…wild,free and fun…but I guess this was me- in my 20’s…because again, I was horrified AFTER I painted a hall Olive green(and I LOVE this color…could be a bad  location).  So now, I’m going back to what usually attracts my eye…………although it seems SAFE. I can’t help but to think of NOW and future, because since this was such a chore, I know we’re not painting again until my kids go off to college!

What color? What style? What vibe?…  While on trip 200 to the paint supplies area of Home Depot, I notice that one of the swatches  had words on the top.. “Modern”, “Classic”, “Historic”,  “Country chic”, “World”,”Vintage,Antique” etc.. I grabbed every swatch that made me “feel good”… at the end I looked at them and came up with “Classic” , Modern and Vintage”… OK-I should have known this was my style- I DO know..just needed some color picking guidance to fit this!!!   So the colors I selected are a Mocha/or Latte brown, a gray, a soft mint, chalk-white, pale corn flower blue, Navy..  this time, it wasn’t very hard and a few days later-I still feel good about these colors.

Now, where will these colors go?  My bedroom  is already a soft pale blue (staying), my parlour is a soft tan/buff brown (staying) and my kitchen is a soft pale mint green (Not sure if this will stay or go but I like it and it may tie in to my classic Navy dining room-info on this later). I was thinking painting  my master bathroom Latte brown, hall gray, upstairs bathroom a soft mint green, guest bathroom chalk-white and navy. The rooms, halls and nooks  inbetween are still a bit unclear…

Ok. This has been  helpful. I think I’ve just made some decisions. Progress.  I’ll begin this paint project mid April- rain has been killing me.

Check out this tile. I’m looking to add these Flower Hex patterns to my bathrooms. I think this is such a classic look and item, it would add lasting value to my home.  I would hope that this is my “forever home” but even in that, when renovating I believe one should always keep in mind resale value. I understand decorating for your own personal style, taste and comfort -however, items that are fixtures should be selected  with the “what if I had to sell” mind set and “will this add value I can pull from later” . Too many sellers are now experiencing the crunch of the economy and have called me to their home to determine value and how fast it would sell…I’ll just say, sometimes there are too many personal preference renovations that we expect to gain from- but, your hexagon shaped arch entry to the kitchen is NOT necessarily someone elses “wow” factor and the buyer has already deducted the amount it will take to fix it from their offer price! 

On that note,I’m trying to do things right the first time.  Now,  time to hit the streets and sell some houses so I can begin on my bathroom renovation in a few weeks!

They survived..

My unplanted hastas from last summer are making a come back! Now to not press my luck and really get them in the ground this time..


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Brownstone Decorating: Parlor Tricks (via c a s a C A R A ~ OLD HOUSES FOR FUN & PROFIT ~)

Really good site with great information on old homes- and my favorite, Brownstones!

Brownstone Decorating: Parlor Tricks DECORATING A 19th CENTURY PARLOR  for 21st century life can be a challenge. Brownstone parlor floors tend to be: long and narrow dark in the middle and have: no obvious place for a TV no obvious place for a sofa (the Victorians sat on nothing longer than a love seat, and very stiffly at that) So what are ya gonna do?  What seems to w … Read More

via c a s a C A R A ~ OLD HOUSES FOR FUN & PROFIT ~

I took a moment

and fell in love with my community again, after reading the history of  Westview here.

so much rain in Atlanta….

it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a leaky roof..

Yes, it’s on my “to do” list- and it will be the very next thing I do, once the rain stops!

it’s all in the details…

For weeks I’ve been torn on whether or not I should restore or renovate to capture my unique sense of ‘what I like’… and I’ve been surrounded by too many traditional people saying what I ‘can’t or shouldn’t do…Now, normally my first rule of life is to NOT share your soul with ‘nay sayers’.  (How dare we expect more from them then all the “no’s” and lack of vision they provide?…) But I forgot my life rule, and this has totally hindered my progress in fixing my fixer…..shame on me!  Today, I toured the home of a very strong-minded investor that specialize in restoration…what I found was a mix of a bit of traditional, modern and craftsman styles that all seem to work well together-not because they fit- but because of his security and comfortability with making his fixer HIS home!…

I realized being a Real Estate agent has put some pressure on me in ways I didn’t think of…for example everyone think I must have  a lock on the perfect home location due to some undisclosed future real estate plan I’m aware of… or my house MUST have all the best details a 1925 home could have..when really, I’m like that hair dresser who can do hair REALLY well, but looks as if she has never seen a comb herself.. LOL.. I’m just like the rest of you… trying to create a space true to ME.

 So …starting my door knob journey is NOT easy. Why is it so hard to find more than 1 or 2 of the same knobs? Here’s a great site to learn more about period knobs

I’m also feeling very home sick..missing Brooklyn and my old Decatur St Brownstone terribly….. how do I marry my Bungalow to my Brownstone to help?  Until I can work out these details, here’s a site I enjoyed viewing tonight:

NPU-T General Body Meeting!

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Because of the inclement weather the NPU-T GENERAL BODY JANURAY MEETING will be held via conference call on Wednesday, January 12th at 7:00pm. Please call 1-888-426-6840 with pass code 6732471

Merry Christmas Eve..




We spent the morning a bit on edge awaiting a call from Noahs doctor. The results were in and thus far, all looks normal with his hip!
Yesterday we had Xrays taken of his legs/hip because one leg is a bit chubbier than the other…its hard to notice unless you look at the creases.
There was talk of my husband having problems as a child and how he had to wear a corrective leg brace so we were prepared (mentally) for this to be apart of Noahs plan too.
But, as of now all looks good and nothing could be said about the fatter or thinner leg.

Hugh Spalding Medical Center was very festive…my family does not celebrate Christmas the traditional way (tree,santa,gifts) but from a decor prospective here are some trees I wouldn’t mind having ‘just because’..
They also looked very fun to decorate. I think that’s what I’ll do! AFTER the holiday when everything is 50-80% off, I’ll buy a decorative(odd color) tree and supplies just to let the kids decorate it. ..that should be a fun way to bring in the new year and maybe a new family tradition…

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I see amazing things daily…

Each day I wake up, I fall in love with my home…ok-maybe not EVERY day-lol..especially when it’s raining! BUT who can not love this picture?

It’s a Boy!!

..and we’re finally home. Baby Knowles (Noah) was born Sept 7th at 12:14PM.

And as promised, Daddy Knowles (Reggie) had the nasty carpet pulled up off the stairs and out of the house before we came home….

Now that I’m not carrying a  person- lol-  I’m really looking forward to completing  some renovations.