They survived..

My unplanted hastas from last summer are making a come back! Now to not press my luck and really get them in the ground this time..


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Love my morning Beltline view



…usually around this time I’ve had several joggers, dog walkers, Seniors (heading to the market) and kids to school… I MUST add a window bench.  Corner properties have always been my favorite.

The girls and I are preparing to do a major Spring cleaning- (isn’t this usually done the first week of April)?  While taking down our winter snow flakes we were disgusted by all the dirt on the inside of the windows.  I was also able to take survey of just how bad they are… they’re pretty bad and I’m afraid restoring them will cost more than I can pay…better start 1 at a time. All are missing the inside sash(either missing or popped inside the window)- on others, the wood is rotten, or the glass insert is not the original wavy glass(some aren’t the correct size.I can see caulk was added to seal and cover the gaps)- just another project for the list.

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For Sale: 5BR/4+1BA Single Family House in Atlanta, GA, $168,000

For Sale: 5BR/4+1BA Single Family House in Atlanta, GA, $168,000.

Brownstone Decorating: Parlor Tricks (via c a s a C A R A ~ OLD HOUSES FOR FUN & PROFIT ~)

Really good site with great information on old homes- and my favorite, Brownstones!

Brownstone Decorating: Parlor Tricks DECORATING A 19th CENTURY PARLOR  for 21st century life can be a challenge. Brownstone parlor floors tend to be: long and narrow dark in the middle and have: no obvious place for a TV no obvious place for a sofa (the Victorians sat on nothing longer than a love seat, and very stiffly at that) So what are ya gonna do?  What seems to w … Read More

via c a s a C A R A ~ OLD HOUSES FOR FUN & PROFIT ~

I took a moment

and fell in love with my community again, after reading the history of  Westview here.

so much rain in Atlanta….

it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a leaky roof..

Yes, it’s on my “to do” list- and it will be the very next thing I do, once the rain stops!

Buy a new home for as little as $500

Go back in time and view these Sears Roebuck Kit Houses: Queen Anne to Craftsman Bungalows

Front Yard Idea Book…

The warm weather has me thinking about my landscaping sooner than I intended to… I have NO curb appeal and seriously need to start something simple to change this.
I recently borrowed the book ” Front Yard Idea Book” by Jeni Webber. It had many simple projects, tips and info on entries,gardens,ground cover,driveways etc

“Take cues from your architecture….”

I found this section to be really interesting since I just thought I’d go to the garden center and grab any low maintenance plant I liked but, this section has me reconsidering that. I didn’t know there were certain garden “norms” based on your style home.
Here’s a quick list for homes in my community:
Picket fences-all styles and colors
Geometric beds with a profusion of plans
Little or no laws
Mix of flowers,herbs, and vegetables
Often electric or personalized style
Painted wood or wrought iron garden furniture

Usually symmetric plantings
Colorful bedding schemes and window boxes
Elaborate details in house, fences, arbors and gazebos
Wrought iron garden furniture

Cape Cod
Usually symmetric planting
Small lawn
Naturally weathered or painted wooden garden furniture
Stone walls and paths

Craftsman Bungalow
Symmetric or asymmetric plantings depends on house design
Layered naturalistic plantings
Small lawn
Detailed hardscaping often with a mix of brick wood,and stone
Wooden garden furniture with simple lines
Front porches and terraces

I’m not sure I will take everything word for word but atleast this gives me some direction to start..

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Wainscot Beadboard

Found this site for inspiration, products and How-To’s : Vintage Woodworks

Enota Park and Place

…Westview has a secret!..well, not to those who live here. 
Today was a great day to explore hidden nooks in our community. Leah,Noah and I went to Enota playground and to Leah’s delight we came at a time when it was empty, she could run from swing to slide and back again without waiting in a line.

I noticed the homes on this street are very different from many of the neighboring homes- but similar build style/shape to others not in the center i.e. Derry St. They look as if they were built-in the 40’s but I haven’t done any research on them and why they are not the Craftsman or Victorian bungalows like so many others in our community. Another research project! 

The street is still very quiet and cute and a few are for sale!  Here are a few pics:



This location will soon be the new Enota Beltline Park!! image

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