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Pretty as a picture..


One of the neighboring homes to my mothers in NW Atlanta…my dog would have a ball running up and down the hill…I on the other hand, wouldn’t. I don’t like a lot of trees near my house. The setting was so serene and dreamy, I had to back up to take a piece of it with me…

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Fake Brownstones….

I just received this notice in my email NEW BROWNSTONES IN DECATUR *gag*  I hate that ATL and builders TRY to build brownstones….there should be a law against it, especially building them in Atlanta!

Over a year?

Wow..time does fly! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve post here. Ok- I’m back… and have a major project to keep me motivated to post and talk it through.
My family and I have recently obtained a 5/3 bungalow (more cottage looking to me) in the Westview community of Atlanta. (YAY!!) While I am soo excited about being apart of the community- I just hope I can add some value to my little corner and fixer. I guess I will document my journey here- along with continuing to post some really nice houses 🙂
Stick around- it can only get more interesting as I tackle this 3100sqft fixer… right now my biggest challenge/ decision is do I restore or just renovate…

Atlanta Neighborhoods offer Big Surprises..  463 East Ontario Ave (Westview) 3bed/2bath  580 Holderness St (Historic West End) 3bed/2bath  1941 Brewer Blve (Sylvan Hills) 4bed/2bath  584 Holderness St (Historic West End)3bed/2.5 bath