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it’s all in the details…

For weeks I’ve been torn on whether or not I should restore or renovate to capture my unique sense of ‘what I like’… and I’ve been surrounded by too many traditional people saying what I ‘can’t or shouldn’t do…Now, normally my first rule of life is to NOT share your soul with ‘nay sayers’.  (How dare we expect more from them then all the “no’s” and lack of vision they provide?…) But I forgot my life rule, and this has totally hindered my progress in fixing my fixer…..shame on me!  Today, I toured the home of a very strong-minded investor that specialize in restoration…what I found was a mix of a bit of traditional, modern and craftsman styles that all seem to work well together-not because they fit- but because of his security and comfortability with making his fixer HIS home!…

I realized being a Real Estate agent has put some pressure on me in ways I didn’t think of…for example everyone think I must have  a lock on the perfect home location due to some undisclosed future real estate plan I’m aware of… or my house MUST have all the best details a 1925 home could have..when really, I’m like that hair dresser who can do hair REALLY well, but looks as if she has never seen a comb herself.. LOL.. I’m just like the rest of you… trying to create a space true to ME.

 So …starting my door knob journey is NOT easy. Why is it so hard to find more than 1 or 2 of the same knobs? Here’s a great site to learn more about period knobs

I’m also feeling very home sick..missing Brooklyn and my old Decatur St Brownstone terribly….. how do I marry my Bungalow to my Brownstone to help?  Until I can work out these details, here’s a site I enjoyed viewing tonight:

Brooklyn Brownstone Home Tour!

The West End/Westivew Neighborhoods in Atlanta have so much in common with Bed-stuy Brooklyn. I’m always inspired when I see the transformation there and in my new community.

I love with Malene Barnett  has done with her home. Her carpets are even more impressive!

A must have for Brooklyn transplants…

remember Fulton Street?

DWELL reviewed  a new book “Street Value”    , I wil have to get this. I get most items about Brooklyn- my other love. I would never have left if I didn’t have a baby and knew I would never be able to afford to buy my other love, a Brownstone. (which NOW seems so much in reach since the housing bust)

Brooklyn is finally getting the deserved attention…I dont know how I feel about it. I’m like- you didn’t like us before, you had no vision of how great it was and what a little hard work of those wanting to live the high life in the city could have brought to the table if only given a chance…. NOW you want to come over here and snatch up all the property, redevelop and outprice the faithful residence that grow up in the borough. NOW you want to come and make changes to historical structures to replicate what you could not afford in the city. NOW you want to come here AFTER others paved the way and it’s now FEELS safe enough.  /Rant

I’m always a bit annoyed with gentrification. And no, not annoyed about the people moving in or the changes that occur but I am always annoyed with scary people who only want to come into a neighborhood once it’s considered the “cool” place to be. I’m annoyed with the non-pioneers of the world. Annoyed with the followers, those that come AFTER the pioneers do all the work.

Brooklyn Deals!

Gorgeous details in this 3 family, 4story  Brownstone in Stuyvesant Heights! LP $789K check out the details HERE