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Buy a new home for as little as $500

Go back in time and view these Sears Roebuck Kit Houses: Queen Anne to Craftsman Bungalows

Once again…

I’m selling a home to envy!! Westview Atlanta 3bed/2bath restored craftsman Bungalow. List price 169K

While one hand I truly am jealous of this house and all the original details, it does make me think of what my home could be with a lot of work-and money. However, my house has too many modern features and too few original details left. I don’t know how I feel about reproducing the look with new moldings…should I stop fighting against what is and just work with what I have, completing the interior in a more modern finish? Would it not flow or look good  if I continue to have a mix of both 1920’s charm and mod?

511 Hopkins Street 113.2K

Don’t miss this gem- 511 Hopkins Street: 4 spacious bed-2baths, hardwoods,4fireplaces all for 113.2K room to add your touch!

Bungalow Blogs

Here is a list of cool Bungalow Blogs I had the pleasure of reading this morning. These  bloggers are awesome and on a mission!! (the best neighbors anyone could ask for- unless you’re a slacker like me-lol)  ( I need to get my garden in order)   (love their logo!!) 1919 Bungalow Revival (loving all the kitchens!)- I’m a huge Bungalow fan, but also love the morden interiors; a mix of both is perfect for me…I’m working on this in my own 1920 Bungalow.

more to come…

Grant Park Tour of Homes

“Arts In the Park” Sept 27-28th, tickets $15 in advance or $20 that day


2004 Craftsman Bungalow, 3bed 2.5bath FMLS##:3758079  List Price 259.9K

1484 McPherson Ave SE

1959 meet 2008. Newly renovated Bungalow 4bed/3bath $399.9K  not far from East Atlanta Village

FMLS #:3746152