My husband is the biggest procrastinator I know. His grandmother will be staying with us for 1 week. He has less than a day to transform THIS office/catch-all room into a nice guest room for her. 

On his “to do” list… 1) ADD A DOOR!!!!  (We have several rooms without doors- we do have the doors…they’re just not up yet. Why?- didn’t I say “My husband is the biggest procrastination I know”)  2) Take down the temporary sheets-and hang curtain rods and real curtains (purchased 4mths ago!) 3) Put together the baby’s crib 4)….Where is the daybed? 5) can she NOT have a treadmill towering over her as she sleep? 6) rug?pictures? some kind of cozy accents since it is still painted starch (but dirty) white.

Personally, I’ll be surprised to see if this all happens but… I’ll try to have faith in him and will sit back and watch. Yes!- SIT BACK AND WATCH! …because I told him 2mths ago we needed this done, when I was able to help.