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Wainscot Beadboard

Found this site for inspiration, products and How-To’s : Vintage Woodworks

The mantel

Taking down our holiday decor! I really like how large our fireplace is, but I want to spruce it up are a few that caught my eye. Mine is brick I’m not sure if that’s original but I don’t think so. I wish I could find originally pictures of  this home of how it was BEFORE crappy investors started to messed with it but I could imagine it having a very nice wooden mantel and mirror.  A neighbor has restored his and had a custom solid wood frame/mantel made ….

HERE is a site with a few inspiration pictures..

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Merry Christmas Eve..




We spent the morning a bit on edge awaiting a call from Noahs doctor. The results were in and thus far, all looks normal with his hip!
Yesterday we had Xrays taken of his legs/hip because one leg is a bit chubbier than the other…its hard to notice unless you look at the creases.
There was talk of my husband having problems as a child and how he had to wear a corrective leg brace so we were prepared (mentally) for this to be apart of Noahs plan too.
But, as of now all looks good and nothing could be said about the fatter or thinner leg.

Hugh Spalding Medical Center was very festive…my family does not celebrate Christmas the traditional way (tree,santa,gifts) but from a decor prospective here are some trees I wouldn’t mind having ‘just because’..
They also looked very fun to decorate. I think that’s what I’ll do! AFTER the holiday when everything is 50-80% off, I’ll buy a decorative(odd color) tree and supplies just to let the kids decorate it. ..that should be a fun way to bring in the new year and maybe a new family tradition…

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Photo Inspirations..

Today’s photos not only inspired me- they have lengthened my “to buy” and “to do” list-lol. I’m not on a mission for a solid Danish diningroom set, Eames wall coat rack (which I have one on “Watch”  on Ebay) and more amazing chairs… oh, did I not tell you? I LOVE chairs…see pic below and you will see why.

I love the color on the walls of this room and the Danish Dining set in the background..and don’t the green chairs look comfortably like you can just sink down into them (not sure how you’ll get back up) lol

I like the look of these stairs painted black- I was considering repainting mines white-but maybe I should try out some colors first..might as well step out of the box, the house is already not in it’s original state nor do I have the time and money to “restore”-so we’re on the road to renovation with a funky twist..

My chair

626 Willard Ave…

The renovation on this house turned out very well. This house is similar to mines- wish I could reno in.  6 months. The owners did a really nice job updating this home and still keeping it affordable for first time home buyers looking to get into the Westview community. Listed at 124.9K, the 3bed/2bath home is on a spacious lot, with nicely manicured low maintenance perennial landscaping.  I love how  the home is positioned far from the street-its like your own private retreat once you’re up the stairs. The house also features a huge backyard with covered deck.

The master suite is upstairs; a large attic build out with windows on every side, a nursery or office and bathroom with custom tile. The master also has double closets and double bathroom vanities -talk about items to keep a relationship lasting! lol….after 12yrs of marriage, I can’t stress the importance of MY OWN closet and sink lol

The downstairs bedrooms are also roomy- one with french doors leading to the back deck- this would make a nice guest room or office.

The owners also were smart enough to think of adding a laundry ROOM(with a window) …dual purpose since its off the back of the house and kitchen, it can also work as a mud room. (something I desperately need after my kids play outside on a rainy day with the dog!!)

Again, this house is a delight in this price range for any first time homebuyers! I hope to have some new neighbors soon.

Once again…

I’m selling a home to envy!! Westview Atlanta 3bed/2bath restored craftsman Bungalow. List price 169K

While one hand I truly am jealous of this house and all the original details, it does make me think of what my home could be with a lot of work-and money. However, my house has too many modern features and too few original details left. I don’t know how I feel about reproducing the look with new moldings…should I stop fighting against what is and just work with what I have, completing the interior in a more modern finish? Would it not flow or look good  if I continue to have a mix of both 1920’s charm and mod?

Bungalow Blogs

Here is a list of cool Bungalow Blogs I had the pleasure of reading this morning. These  bloggers are awesome and on a mission!! (the best neighbors anyone could ask for- unless you’re a slacker like me-lol)  ( I need to get my garden in order)   (love their logo!!) 1919 Bungalow Revival (loving all the kitchens!)- I’m a huge Bungalow fan, but also love the morden interiors; a mix of both is perfect for me…I’m working on this in my own 1920 Bungalow.

more to come…

Old Homes?

Do you like old homes? check out  for listings of old homes by states. Most restored and for sale, but some needing restoration! Great deals across the country.


“Coffered ceilings, org. stained trim, hdwd floors, incredible detail – huge rooms. 4Bed/2bath” FMLS #:3746304

“This has the extra charm you don’t usually find.+ detached garage apt. rented for $750/mo. ”

1940’s Renovation

1943 Bungalow in East Atlanta ready for you to enjoy! List Price 248.5K, This home was featured on A&E’s “Flip This House”  3bed, 2bath FMLS##:3753432

1214 Beechview Dr SE