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If you see my hair falling out…

it’s because I have been living without a master bathroom and WITH all the dust and dirt from drywall being torn down.

Now the biggest thorn in my side is finding floor tile for a good price. Why does it seem everyone else in the world can renovate on a “shoe string” budget and find AMAZING deals- except me?  Every time I visit a  freshly renovated bathroom they always say “this tile was “ONLY xyz- totaling under $200!”… here I am looking for black/white hex floor tile and seem to can’t find anything less than $60 for a box of 10 which is only 9sq ft… I need 80sq ft! I was considering settling for something cheaper but I will only be able to renovate my bathrooms ONCE- maybe twice (when my kids move out) and I can’t afford to buy one that will not fully meet my vision. I can’t settle- even if it means Starbucks is kicked to the curb and I probably need to drop the “hot spots” option on my cell.

I have less than 3wks until family come and it would be great to have this all put together. Take a look at the video of our progress- do you think we can pull it together in time?

What’s left? This week, drywall will be completed, electrical added and moved ….oh and I STILL need to purchase FLOOR TILE!!  which all seem to be “special order” … this is soooo frustrating..


Love my morning Beltline view



…usually around this time I’ve had several joggers, dog walkers, Seniors (heading to the market) and kids to school… I MUST add a window bench.  Corner properties have always been my favorite.

The girls and I are preparing to do a major Spring cleaning- (isn’t this usually done the first week of April)?  While taking down our winter snow flakes we were disgusted by all the dirt on the inside of the windows.  I was also able to take survey of just how bad they are… they’re pretty bad and I’m afraid restoring them will cost more than I can pay…better start 1 at a time. All are missing the inside sash(either missing or popped inside the window)- on others, the wood is rotten, or the glass insert is not the original wavy glass(some aren’t the correct size.I can see caulk was added to seal and cover the gaps)- just another project for the list.

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so much rain in Atlanta….

it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a leaky roof..

Yes, it’s on my “to do” list- and it will be the very next thing I do, once the rain stops!

A peek inside a bargain brownstone

MSN provided us with a nice look into a Brownstone with some original details…I’m loving the wood work!

it’s all in the details…

For weeks I’ve been torn on whether or not I should restore or renovate to capture my unique sense of ‘what I like’… and I’ve been surrounded by too many traditional people saying what I ‘can’t or shouldn’t do…Now, normally my first rule of life is to NOT share your soul with ‘nay sayers’.  (How dare we expect more from them then all the “no’s” and lack of vision they provide?…) But I forgot my life rule, and this has totally hindered my progress in fixing my fixer…..shame on me!  Today, I toured the home of a very strong-minded investor that specialize in restoration…what I found was a mix of a bit of traditional, modern and craftsman styles that all seem to work well together-not because they fit- but because of his security and comfortability with making his fixer HIS home!…

I realized being a Real Estate agent has put some pressure on me in ways I didn’t think of…for example everyone think I must have  a lock on the perfect home location due to some undisclosed future real estate plan I’m aware of… or my house MUST have all the best details a 1925 home could have..when really, I’m like that hair dresser who can do hair REALLY well, but looks as if she has never seen a comb herself.. LOL.. I’m just like the rest of you… trying to create a space true to ME.

 So …starting my door knob journey is NOT easy. Why is it so hard to find more than 1 or 2 of the same knobs? Here’s a great site to learn more about period knobs

I’m also feeling very home sick..missing Brooklyn and my old Decatur St Brownstone terribly….. how do I marry my Bungalow to my Brownstone to help?  Until I can work out these details, here’s a site I enjoyed viewing tonight:

West End Craftsman- $161K- Reduced to 150K!!

6bed 3.5bath +bonus recording studio.. call to tour this home! 404-414-3289

The mantel

Taking down our holiday decor! I really like how large our fireplace is, but I want to spruce it up are a few that caught my eye. Mine is brick I’m not sure if that’s original but I don’t think so. I wish I could find originally pictures of  this home of how it was BEFORE crappy investors started to messed with it but I could imagine it having a very nice wooden mantel and mirror.  A neighbor has restored his and had a custom solid wood frame/mantel made ….

HERE is a site with a few inspiration pictures..

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Let it snow,let it snow,let it snow..


Why why why does it take so long to make 1 snowflake?

The girls are missing NY and snow so we decided to make a “winter wonderland” and decorate…
Hanging the flakes only highlighted just how dirty our windows are…just 1 more reason to look forward to spring and spring cleaning!

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Photo Inspirations..

Today’s photos not only inspired me- they have lengthened my “to buy” and “to do” list-lol. I’m not on a mission for a solid Danish diningroom set, Eames wall coat rack (which I have one on “Watch”  on Ebay) and more amazing chairs… oh, did I not tell you? I LOVE chairs…see pic below and you will see why.

I love the color on the walls of this room and the Danish Dining set in the background..and don’t the green chairs look comfortably like you can just sink down into them (not sure how you’ll get back up) lol

I like the look of these stairs painted black- I was considering repainting mines white-but maybe I should try out some colors first..might as well step out of the box, the house is already not in it’s original state nor do I have the time and money to “restore”-so we’re on the road to renovation with a funky twist..

My chair

Niskey Lake Home ..55K


It was a very cold but productive day when my buyer and I stumbled on this home!
It reminds me of a boat house…a little sweat will make this a gem.

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