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If you see my hair falling out…

it’s because I have been living without a master bathroom and WITH all the dust and dirt from drywall being torn down.

Now the biggest thorn in my side is finding floor tile for a good price. Why does it seem everyone else in the world can renovate on a “shoe string” budget and find AMAZING deals- except me?  Every time I visit a  freshly renovated bathroom they always say “this tile was “ONLY xyz- totaling under $200!”… here I am looking for black/white hex floor tile and seem to can’t find anything less than $60 for a box of 10 which is only 9sq ft… I need 80sq ft! I was considering settling for something cheaper but I will only be able to renovate my bathrooms ONCE- maybe twice (when my kids move out) and I can’t afford to buy one that will not fully meet my vision. I can’t settle- even if it means Starbucks is kicked to the curb and I probably need to drop the “hot spots” option on my cell.

I have less than 3wks until family come and it would be great to have this all put together. Take a look at the video of our progress- do you think we can pull it together in time?

What’s left? This week, drywall will be completed, electrical added and moved ….oh and I STILL need to purchase FLOOR TILE!!  which all seem to be “special order” … this is soooo frustrating..


For Sale: 5BR/4+1BA Single Family House in Atlanta, GA, $168,000

For Sale: 5BR/4+1BA Single Family House in Atlanta, GA, $168,000.

Velma Fann:”I Found It in the Archives!” Finalists

I found this to move me to post here…although I do not know this lady, she lives in my community and has had similar thoughts I’ve had many times about the West End, Race and why we are here…

Take a look at her Essay. She is one of two finalists in MARBL’s 2011 “I Found It In the Archives!” contest. Velma Fann discuss her discoveries and how those findings had an impact on her connection to Emory and Atlanta history. Also don’t forget to vote!!

NPU-T General Body Meeting!

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Because of the inclement weather the NPU-T GENERAL BODY JANURAY MEETING will be held via conference call on Wednesday, January 12th at 7:00pm. Please call 1-888-426-6840 with pass code 6732471

West End Craftsman- $161K- Reduced to 150K!!

6bed 3.5bath +bonus recording studio.. call to tour this home! 404-414-3289

Inspiration photos

I’ve been scrap booking for each of the rooms in my house-collecting pictures and ideas of how I would like rooms to be AFTER repair, item purchase and put together.. here are a few of the online photo inspiration/ ideas I found this today..

I would love to paint Noah’s room- the little room upstairs this color and decorate in this minimalist theme..however he’s not in the room now so no crib is necessary but I do have this shell chair on “watch” in my Ebay list!  Right now, this room is slated to be another “den” where we keep all Noah’s toys, a nice TV for kids movie nights and a comfy rug-since we have a dog our home is void “comfy” rugs- we have a lot of sisal and “HARD itchy” rugs (as my daughters like to point out)

My sister and  I have been crocheting but  this year she jumped to knitting. So now I’ m learning to knit and I think this should be my first project!!  With the right yarn, this could be really nice rugs for the side of your bed.  Even though the picture below is of a recycled sweater…I think it should be fairly easy to knit.

Thankful for a warm house….

Yesterday was really nice. I spent the day at my mother’s house with my sisters playing monopoly and getting my butt kicked lol..My brother made it over with his girlfriend as well. I’m sure it was a wonderful feeling for my parents to have all their children in 1 room.. Made me wonder about when my kids grow up- and I felt a bit of sadness with that thought. I LOVE our family and the stage of life we’re in right now. I made a promise to myself not to rush this, and to take time to enjoy the moments-even when Noah is screaming or peeing on me-lol…  I have a new, or RENEWED, appreciation for life-MY LIFE.  Also, right now my house is nice and warm- ode to me jacking up the heat to 69degrees lol- wow- I know, I know.. I does not sound like a lot but when you live in these old bungalows- any bit is better than nothing especially when it’s raining outside. you will not see me in the cold on this  Black Friday

oh..also got a new listing this week  in the Historic West End- a 6bed/ 3.5bath home with a Recording Studio- nearly 3000sqft of living space on a quiet street. List price $204K- pics on

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My backyard is a jungle


I could not believe what I was seeing when my daughter pointed out not one, but TWO of these hawk like birds in our backyard. I am just now accepting the nightly Owl visits. (Noticed a decrease in the squirrels jumping off my roof lol) …but I wonder what kind of bird is it? Are there ‘hawks’ intown Atlanta?

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Less than a day to transform into a guest room

My husband is the biggest procrastinator I know. His grandmother will be staying with us for 1 week. He has less than a day to transform THIS office/catch-all room into a nice guest room for her. 

On his “to do” list… 1) ADD A DOOR!!!!  (We have several rooms without doors- we do have the doors…they’re just not up yet. Why?- didn’t I say “My husband is the biggest procrastination I know”)  2) Take down the temporary sheets-and hang curtain rods and real curtains (purchased 4mths ago!) 3) Put together the baby’s crib 4)….Where is the daybed? 5) can she NOT have a treadmill towering over her as she sleep? 6) rug?pictures? some kind of cozy accents since it is still painted starch (but dirty) white.

Personally, I’ll be surprised to see if this all happens but… I’ll try to have faith in him and will sit back and watch. Yes!- SIT BACK AND WATCH! …because I told him 2mths ago we needed this done, when I was able to help.

Atlanta Neighborhoods offer Big Surprises..  463 East Ontario Ave (Westview) 3bed/2bath  580 Holderness St (Historic West End) 3bed/2bath  1941 Brewer Blve (Sylvan Hills) 4bed/2bath  584 Holderness St (Historic West End)3bed/2.5 bath