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Dog pile on mommy…

Moments like these make my fixer upper feel so good & warm even when it’s 28 degrees outside! #creating #memories   

I’m upset!!

Why can’t contractors ever do right? Why can’t projects move smoothly along until completion? I don’t understand why so much drama- it seems very simple when the process is written. WRITTEN, that is my mistake I should always have things put in writing!

So now I’m working with a contract who gave me one price in the beginning but that price has changed because the project is more than he thought?? WHAT? Really? Now I  don’t want to work with him at all. I will NOT have someone change the price midway. So I cut my nose -and leave the project half-finished.  My husband will just have to download some “do it yourself” videos and finish the job.  I guess I will not have a bathroom in 2weeks. *tears*

..can’t stop buying toys..

I’ve been working on my front and side prepare for our West End Westview home tour on May 7th…not that my house is on the tour but it only makes sense,being in Real Estate sales, to have it in decent shape. Not to mention my location is very visible and even I’ve been ashamed to tell others where I live due to the lack of curb appeal.   It took a while but we almost have one side weeded and semi next. I just wanted to show my new garden friends..birds on a teeter totter..I picked them up in downtown Decatur at a cute shop called “Blue Moon”..  love them!


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Why is it so hard to pull the trigger on 1 idea?

…JUST one?

I have been wrestling with the renovation of my home for 1 year now!! -What has been accomplished?-…Much of what you can’t see-and what you can looks(IS) half-finished. 

I think I am overloaded with information.  As a Real Estate agent, I’m constantly viewing home- DAILY-HOURLY- either in the field,on TV or in magazines. I see tons of “great ideas” and beautiful materials(like this LEATHER floor tile!-OMG). I have tons of online bookmarks,physical books, torn out magazine pages , and scrap books filled with bathroom, kitchen-home decor i.e. tiling, paint swatches, flooring material, counter tops …some “Green” renovation ideas, others very Lux… and I think I really need to get back to basics and find “What is right for MY family?”

Can we begin with paint?  Initially I was looking to go very Historic, craftsman color….I’m in a Bungalow-Craftsman home, right? So common sense, ‘do Historic’…? But really, that’s not me. LOVE the look in neighboring homes but I was not feeling the vibes AFTER I bought the paint (I wish my vibes would kick in BEFORE I carry heavy items!)  Then,  I considered going a bit more on the artistic side- color-color-color…wild,free and fun…but I guess this was me- in my 20’s…because again, I was horrified AFTER I painted a hall Olive green(and I LOVE this color…could be a bad  location).  So now, I’m going back to what usually attracts my eye…………although it seems SAFE. I can’t help but to think of NOW and future, because since this was such a chore, I know we’re not painting again until my kids go off to college!

What color? What style? What vibe?…  While on trip 200 to the paint supplies area of Home Depot, I notice that one of the swatches  had words on the top.. “Modern”, “Classic”, “Historic”,  “Country chic”, “World”,”Vintage,Antique” etc.. I grabbed every swatch that made me “feel good”… at the end I looked at them and came up with “Classic” , Modern and Vintage”… OK-I should have known this was my style- I DO know..just needed some color picking guidance to fit this!!!   So the colors I selected are a Mocha/or Latte brown, a gray, a soft mint, chalk-white, pale corn flower blue, Navy..  this time, it wasn’t very hard and a few days later-I still feel good about these colors.

Now, where will these colors go?  My bedroom  is already a soft pale blue (staying), my parlour is a soft tan/buff brown (staying) and my kitchen is a soft pale mint green (Not sure if this will stay or go but I like it and it may tie in to my classic Navy dining room-info on this later). I was thinking painting  my master bathroom Latte brown, hall gray, upstairs bathroom a soft mint green, guest bathroom chalk-white and navy. The rooms, halls and nooks  inbetween are still a bit unclear…

Ok. This has been  helpful. I think I’ve just made some decisions. Progress.  I’ll begin this paint project mid April- rain has been killing me.

Check out this tile. I’m looking to add these Flower Hex patterns to my bathrooms. I think this is such a classic look and item, it would add lasting value to my home.  I would hope that this is my “forever home” but even in that, when renovating I believe one should always keep in mind resale value. I understand decorating for your own personal style, taste and comfort -however, items that are fixtures should be selected  with the “what if I had to sell” mind set and “will this add value I can pull from later” . Too many sellers are now experiencing the crunch of the economy and have called me to their home to determine value and how fast it would sell…I’ll just say, sometimes there are too many personal preference renovations that we expect to gain from- but, your hexagon shaped arch entry to the kitchen is NOT necessarily someone elses “wow” factor and the buyer has already deducted the amount it will take to fix it from their offer price! 

On that note,I’m trying to do things right the first time.  Now,  time to hit the streets and sell some houses so I can begin on my bathroom renovation in a few weeks!

Love my morning Beltline view



…usually around this time I’ve had several joggers, dog walkers, Seniors (heading to the market) and kids to school… I MUST add a window bench.  Corner properties have always been my favorite.

The girls and I are preparing to do a major Spring cleaning- (isn’t this usually done the first week of April)?  While taking down our winter snow flakes we were disgusted by all the dirt on the inside of the windows.  I was also able to take survey of just how bad they are… they’re pretty bad and I’m afraid restoring them will cost more than I can pay…better start 1 at a time. All are missing the inside sash(either missing or popped inside the window)- on others, the wood is rotten, or the glass insert is not the original wavy glass(some aren’t the correct size.I can see caulk was added to seal and cover the gaps)- just another project for the list.

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I took a moment

and fell in love with my community again, after reading the history of  Westview here.

so much rain in Atlanta….

it wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a leaky roof..

Yes, it’s on my “to do” list- and it will be the very next thing I do, once the rain stops!

Front Yard Idea Book…

The warm weather has me thinking about my landscaping sooner than I intended to… I have NO curb appeal and seriously need to start something simple to change this.
I recently borrowed the book ” Front Yard Idea Book” by Jeni Webber. It had many simple projects, tips and info on entries,gardens,ground cover,driveways etc

“Take cues from your architecture….”

I found this section to be really interesting since I just thought I’d go to the garden center and grab any low maintenance plant I liked but, this section has me reconsidering that. I didn’t know there were certain garden “norms” based on your style home.
Here’s a quick list for homes in my community:
Picket fences-all styles and colors
Geometric beds with a profusion of plans
Little or no laws
Mix of flowers,herbs, and vegetables
Often electric or personalized style
Painted wood or wrought iron garden furniture

Usually symmetric plantings
Colorful bedding schemes and window boxes
Elaborate details in house, fences, arbors and gazebos
Wrought iron garden furniture

Cape Cod
Usually symmetric planting
Small lawn
Naturally weathered or painted wooden garden furniture
Stone walls and paths

Craftsman Bungalow
Symmetric or asymmetric plantings depends on house design
Layered naturalistic plantings
Small lawn
Detailed hardscaping often with a mix of brick wood,and stone
Wooden garden furniture with simple lines
Front porches and terraces

I’m not sure I will take everything word for word but atleast this gives me some direction to start..

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Enota Park and Place

…Westview has a secret!..well, not to those who live here. 
Today was a great day to explore hidden nooks in our community. Leah,Noah and I went to Enota playground and to Leah’s delight we came at a time when it was empty, she could run from swing to slide and back again without waiting in a line.

I noticed the homes on this street are very different from many of the neighboring homes- but similar build style/shape to others not in the center i.e. Derry St. They look as if they were built-in the 40’s but I haven’t done any research on them and why they are not the Craftsman or Victorian bungalows like so many others in our community. Another research project! 

The street is still very quiet and cute and a few are for sale!  Here are a few pics:



This location will soon be the new Enota Beltline Park!! image

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Chalkboard wall

My kids are loving this wall! I’m a bit excited too and looking forward to stealing some time on it myself ..


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